FFI fosters Hope, Wise initiative in challenging circumstances

KD Desk

Srinagar, Aug 07 : Future Forum International (FFI), a non-profit organisation, fosters practical hope and wise initiative in challenging circumstances.

In a statement Umar Bhat Coordinator of the FFI said, “We address complex, messy, seemingly intractable issues – local, global and all levels in between. We respond to the conceptual emergency, wherever it shows up. We work with governments, communities, businesses, foundations and others. We support people experiencing a combination of aspiration for something better and frustration that little they do seems to get them nearer their goal. We develop their capacity for inspiring and transformative innovation rather than simply propping up the old system, supporting them with the resources in our FFI Practice Centre.”

“Based on 15-years’ experience we have learned how to help any group get back in touch with their highest aspirations and figure out how to realise them, not in the distant future but starting on Wednesday.

The FFI is involved with research and consultancy activities that are funded by business, philanthropy, the public sector and Governments. It is a think tank with links to a variety of other groups and organisations, largely through common memberships. It maintains an international network of thinkers, businesspeople and policy makers,” Umar said.

“The FFI has worked with a several organisations. Much of the material that is produced by the FFI is made available under a creative commons licence. The work has included areas such as Peace, Health, Education, Sports, Skill Development, Women Empowerment, Culture, Road Safety, Renewable Energy, Natural Resources, Agriculture, Entrepreneurship, Social Justice, Governance,” the Coordinator added.
The FFI, he said, is an international group with a small organizational infrastructure based in India.

“FFI’s international clan is a diverse group of individuals with different perspectives, disciplines, expertise, life experience and so on. The group meets as a learning community as often as possible, including in plenary session. Over the years FFI has worked with a wide variety of partners and clients addressing looming issues, complex problems, the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. FFI has played the role of imaginative catalyst, generating strategic insight. FFI is registered as a charity in India,” he added.