Doda incident condemnable

Doda incident condemnable

The killing of a middle-aged man overnight in Doda district on Thursday is strongly condemnable. The firing on civilians who were heading towards their village along with their cattle needs to be probed thoroughly so that the culprits are booked and served harshest punishment. Or otherwise if the case is superficially investigated and culprits get scot free the process will set a precedent that will be detrimental to the socio-communal fabric of the state.

While it is highly appreciable that the police in its swift action has detained eight suspects and lodged a timely FIR but need of the hour is that it goes deep into the roots of this conspiracy which is aimed at polarizing the atmosphere in Jammu and Kashmir. The nefarious elements who are hell bent to divide the communities on different pretexts need to be identified and isolated accordingly.

This incident should not be taken in isolation but it smacks of a well thought out plot to fragment the peace loving society of Jammu and Kashmir. If the master mind of this incident is not arrested, the detention of the mere pawns will not serve any purpose. While the people need to maintain calm the government should ensure that no section of the society falls prey to the nefarious designs of the vested interest who want to create wedge between the communities living peacefully since centuries in this state. 

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