Koshur Saal: 10,000 Kashmiris to meet in Bengaluru over Wazwaan to promote Kashmiri culture

Koshur Saal: 10,000 Kashmiris to meet in Bengaluru over Wazwaan to promote Kashmiri culture

Srinagar: The Kashmiri diaspora in Bengaluru is organising a celebration of Kashmiri culture in the city called Koshur Saal, that roughly translates to Kashmiri Feast. An event where nearly 10,000 strong Kashmiri population in Bengaluru can meet, discuss ideas and break bread, International Business Times reported.

Koshur Saal aims at promoting the vibrant Kashmiri culture, mouth-watering food, soulful music and rich literature of Kashmir amongst the non-Kashmiris, especially those who’ve always wanted to visit the vibrant land of natural beauty, but haven’t been able to do so due to a lack of awareness of the ground reality or for a lack of local touch points, the reports said.

“It aims to give the non-Kashmiri attendees a sense of who Kashmiris are as community and create networking opportunities which have the potential to grow into strong professional and mentoring relationships besides strengthening the bonds of friendship between the Kashmiris and non-Kashmiris.”

The event aims to use its profits for the benefit of the underprivileged sections of the Kashmiri community as well as to generate long term employment opportunities for Kashmiris by facilitating skill development and creating sustainable job roles back home, The IBT report added.

It also aims to use its resources to connect young impressionable Kashmiri children with master craftsmen and artisans of Kashmir through a mentorship model, which will allow them to learn the crafts at a young age and ensure long terms sustainability for arts like Papier-mâché, basket weaving, khatamband, wood carving, silver and copper carving ( kandkari), carpet weaving, leather and fur crafts, silk and pashmina weaving amongst other crafts that Kashmir is known for.

The event also hopes to provide a platform for the promotion of Kashmiri music and training to budding youngsters in playing traditional Kashmiri instruments like the Rabab, Santoor and Nout besides promoting our distinct Sufi music genre.

“It is an event that caters to all Kashmiris and non-Kashmiris alike. Tickets for the event of Koshur Saal are available on Book My Show,” the report concluded.


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