KAS-2016: A façade with too many ‘fasaads’

KAS-2016: A façade with too many ‘fasaads’

Qurat-ulAin (Qubra)

With a plethora of legal entanglements, street protests, social media propagandizing going on for longer than anyone would care to remember, it seems that KAS-2016 had been anathematized right from the very start.

The posts had been advertised in June 2016 but, even today i.e January 2019 the mindless drama continues. A lot has already been written about the intricacies of the issues involved, hence, I will not bore the readers by dwelling into that territory.

My aim is to give a picture of the cognitive state of the 963 unfortunate students, who have been selected for the interview process.

For a long time I had been under the impression that in order to be successful in this exam one needs to spend a considerable amount of time with the syllabus, clearing concepts, practicing, revising etc.

However, today in retrospect I can see that all this is clearly not enough. These days, a thorough understanding of law would definitely have made my life much easier as I am spending more time researching court judgments on things like digital evaluation, intricacies of PIL’ s and writ petitions, than I am for my forthcoming interview preparation (which, by the way, doesn’t seem to be forthcoming anymore).

Let me elaborate why.

The allegedly aggrieved students of KAS mains 2016 who have been eternally aggrieved ever since the inception of this exam are trying to plan another reality TV- type wildcard entry into the mains list under the garb of alleged corruption and the most used word of our times-Nepotism.

These are the same people who successfully managed to get into the revised preliminary exam list, deferred the mains exam more than thrice and even got it cancelled once.

Still, in spite of all this, they got a fair chance to write the mains exam, but, somehow due to some strange logic they continue to be the eternal victims. This like, like the previous times, our brave comrades are again out there fighting for a ‘glorious revolution’ on all possible platforms. You would be hearing them these days all over the local media channels with their absurd conspiracy theories, emotional blackmailing and what not.

Further, the social media is also abuzz with hash tags like mass scam, digital loot (whatever on earth that means), merit loot etc. They have been successfully manipulating facts and taking advantage of the ‘Post-truth’ scenario that we are living in. Initially no one took them seriously but yesterday they were again successful in derailing the exam process, all thanks to their laudable PR efforts.

In the midst of these con men slyly manipulating the emotions of the civil society to gain sympathy and fulfill their hideous intentions, a humble request from an ordinary, legally challenged and social media awkward mains qualified student to the civil society is, to please identify who the real victims are.

In this chaos I am reminded of a line from the book ‘A river of smoke’ by Amitav Ghosh– ‘When there are great profits to be made, people are not slow to find ways around laws’.

(The views expressed in the article are solely of the author and does not reflect the opinion of this newspaper.)

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