‘Kids no more Kids’

‘Kids no more Kids’

By Vijay GarG

(Mobile and computer screens changed a lot )

Children’s summer vacation is over. Nowadays they are back to school, although most have been under a bit of stress thinking about school on the last day of the holidays.

In a few days, his life is again going to be imprisoned in the circle of the system, the terror of which remains constant in his innocent mind. Same homework again, same weekly exams, same rush.

The school is starting to instill fear in them. Children will start making the same excuses again, sometimes head Pain, sometimes abdominal pain. Actually, our school system has become such that children learn less with joy and enthusiasm there.

Questions have been raised about the shortcomings and slowness of our education system, especially for children and childhood. But all efforts to improve it have proved unsuccessful. It is often seen that children do not know the meaning of what they read, nor are they told. So many things like this It can’t happen. Even today, many children are not given any satisfactory answer to the question why reading is necessary.

It is explained to them that if you read and write, otherwise you will not get a good job, if you do not get a good job, then life will not be happy. In this way they feel at ease by eliminating reading as a task (which is being done to them as a punishment).

The funny thing is that nowadays children have to explain the reason why it is necessary to eat, otherwise they do not even feel interested in food. it’s good that Reasoning is increasing, but it also indicates a decrease in understanding. On the other hand we see that the children are lying behind the TV.

The demand for the scene has increased so much that not only TV but show them the video in mobile, even after watching continuously for hours, the question does not come in their mind that why is it necessary to watch it? Because speed has its own pleasure.

The pace that childhood needs, the kind of curiosity, the kind of awe, the kind of fantasies, stories they need, technology is providing them all that. Playground and Fairy Tales Neither has come till now and the screen has done its job well. What the consequences will be, that is a matter of separate debate. Even children up to the age of fifteen are generally not interested in reading any kind of book outside their curriculum.

The era of audio is over. Children are no longer interested in reading stories, but in watching. They don’t want to bother imagining themselves, they want to go with the flow.

The patience it takes to hear stories, the curiosity of what will happen next, which makes the story a story, is probably everywhere.is becoming rare. Mobile and computer screens have changed a lot. So much so that the same thing that actually happens, it has little or no effect, but when the same thing reaches the children through advertisements or videos, then even the very young children are in a tizzy among friends. They are seen taking.

The transfer of emotions from person to object is now easily accepted, but children have been treated as pure nature by considering them as the form of God. So why such a rapid change?It is a question of the future. The question is whether by doing what technology has made children their own, can any meaningful results be achieved by applying it in other areas of life, such as education, behavior etc.?

To the extent and as quickly as the technical imaginary presentation has been able to attract all age groups, is there any possibility of making the system of education rooted in it dynamic and making it a laissez-faire and spontaneous relationship with childhood? Not only should this be thought of, but also the effort needed.

And this effort should be not only government or administrative, but also private, so that everyone should take care of the personal choice and needs of their child. If this is possible, then education will be able to become an easy part of life, not something imposed from above. With less effort and less stress, we will also be able to build a straight and strong bridge with the next generation.
Vijay Garg Retired Principal Malout Punjab

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