Public exchequer looted as some employees who did no poll duty selected for month’s salary

Public exchequer looted as some employees who did no poll duty selected for month’s salary

Srinagar, Jan 27 : While government has announced to pay month’s salary to employees who performed election duty but it has come to fore that some employees have been selected among the beneficiaries who did nothing for poll related work.

“It is only to please and give benefit to those employees like I/C Administrative Secretary RDD etc etc,” Ghulam Rasool Mir, J&K Civil Secretariat Employees Coordination Committee Chairman Ghulam Rasool Mir said in a statement issued here to GNS.  

“This is loot of State exchequer. It would have been better to release timely wages in favour of Casual Labours or Daily wagers who work day and night to serve public,” he said, and called it injustice.

“This is unfortunate state where favouritism is being encouraged and state exchequer is drained to benefit blue eyed and Influenced persons,” he said, adding, “We had great expectations from Governor and most Hardworking Chief Secretary but here it seems they are being mislead.”

The favouritism would never have been exhibited during such great administrators, he said.

“We were blaming politicians but same bad, more than that, is now happening when everything lies in the hands of bureaucracy.”

 Most employees particularly Casual Labours and DRWs are suffering for salary and wages for the last many months and even for years, he said. “Here our authorities are enjoying double salary and special awards who did nothing special in their departments while Casual Labour is working hard even during winter season,” he said, adding, “Take a view of RDD or Housing and Urban developed department where mostly casual employees are without wages and some have been terminated because in the name of closure of schemes.”  (GNS)

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