2-Day “orientation and best practices” workshop on Himayat concludes at Jammu

2-Day “orientation and best practices” workshop on Himayat concludes at Jammu

A two-day workshop on “orientation and best practices” for Project Implementing Agencies (PIAs) organised by Himayat in collaboration with NABARD Consultancy Services (NABCONS) concluded on Thursday at Jammu. 

The Secretary to Government, Department of Rural Development & Panchayati Raj, J&K, Sheetal Nanda, IAS, was chief guest on the occasion. Chief Operating Officer, Himayat, Kapil Sharma, CGM, NABARD, Bala Chandran and other officers were also present. Besides, the workshop was attended by more than 100 representatives from different PIAs. 

The workshop which began on December 11th aimed at sharing views, best practices and experiences on a slew of important issues of mobilisation, counselling, training, placement and retention of candidates espoused by the PIAs to achieve the best results. 

While delineating the purpose of the workshop, the Secretary stated, “It’s a great opportunity to learn from each other by sharing the best practices among each other,” adding, “This programme should be taken as a mission and not looked merely as a business venture as it is directly linked with the youth of our state. This should be done with all sincerity. These children who enter the folds of Himayat are our responsibility and we have to move them forward.” 

She further asked the PIAs to “treat these candidates as your own children, impart best training to all of these candidates so that they can be productive for themselves and for the society as well.”

Chief Operating Officer, Himayat, Kapil Sharma urged the participants to avail the maximum benefits from the workshop. He expressed gratitude to all the participants representing various Project Implementing Agencies for attending the workshop.

The workshop also provided platform to various candidates who have been placed by the PIAs after getting suitable and quality training from these agencies. These youngsters, hailing from remote and nondescript villages of Jammu and Kashmir, thanked the Department for providing them suitable training, employment, dignity and an opportunity to stand on their own feet. “I owe my meteoric rise to Himayat scheme. I had lost all hopes of doing anything positive in my life but my life changed once I joined Himayat scheme,” said Faiz, who is currently working in a multi-national company after getting trained in a PIA.

During the workshop, the Secretary also released a booklet titled “Bugle: Sounding Success” which captures the inspiring journey of the candidates successfully trained and placed in corporate sector. 

Himayat is Skill Development-cum-Placement programme for unemployed youth especially school and college drop-outs, in Jammu and Kashmir. The focus is on placements of youth in a befitting manner commensurate with the level of education and aspiration of youth.

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