92,000 visitors visit Tulip Garden in last 6 days



SRINAGAR, Apr 15:Asia’s largest Tulip Garden in Srinagar has seen an unprecedented surge in tourist footfall this season, with over 91,963 people from different countries and states visiting the garden in the last six days alone.

Contractor Khan Mudasir, overseeing the garden, informed that the influx of visitors has been remarkable, with a daily average of around 15,327 enthusiasts exploring its winding pathways and vibrant floral displays.

To enhance the visitor experience, the floriculture department has introduced five new varieties of tulips, which further adds to the garden’s charm, he said, adding that the management has implemented online ticket processing to streamline entry and minimise long queues. The move has received positive feedback from tourists, he added.

Khan said that to encourage educational visits, a special 20 percent discount on tickets has been extended to students until April 20.

Visitors have commended the government’s efforts in ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience, expressing satisfaction with the arrangements made.

Last year, the garden welcomed over 3.65 lakh visitors, including domestic and foreign tourists, highlighting its growing popularity as a tourist hotspot. Moreover, it has become a favoured filming location for various movie and video productions, with several film units opting to capture the garden’s scenic beauty.

The Tulip festival, held annually during the spring season, aims to showcase the garden’s diverse range of flowers and attract tourists from around the world. Alongside admiring the blooming tulips, visitors can immerse themselves in cultural programs, savour local cuisine at food stalls, and participate in various activities showcasing Kashmir’s rich culture and traditions.

With tourist numbers reaching an all-time high, authorities anticipate a further surge in visitors in the coming days—(KNO)


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