A Love Story, Causing Mental Trauma

A Love Story, Causing Mental Trauma

I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.

             (Paulo Coelho) 

Love is not love that finds alteration. It is an unbound and unending relationship between hearts and souls that senses no change. Although beauty vanishes and fades away during the course of time. The tendency of love remains the same and increases every passing minute. There is no change in your thoughts, emotions or feelings. A true Love is purity of mind and heart that demands nothing but pure love. A true love is an unending and sacred relationship between souls. It is a relationship encompassing sound and pious feelings. It is a magical feelings that gives you the feel of ultimate joy. It is a magical care to which one should respond magically. Love is sacred that exhibits sense of humour, joy, and unending care. It is such a feeling that remains with you forever. It is that sort of energy which never demands any favour. True love is such a passion that never decreases or declines.This passion is strong and it’s bond of affection never let you feel down. On every single passing day true love provides us with a sense of safety and security and we feel it. It gives us unending happiness and we feel better under it’s umbrage. True Love is life and life is true love. 

Since time immemorial, we have heard infinite love stories of fictional legendary heroes. These fictions, fables and tales of many such people are available to us in the form of fictional books and videos. Such immense and countless love stories are day to day part and parcel of many lives among us. Such fictional characters are available to us in various forms. We are witnessing them in various forms of fictional texts and videos. In the form of such available characters, we have heard of love stories of Heer Ranja, Laila Majnu, Sheeri Farhat etc. When we read them in the books or watch them in movies, we got emotional and our dry eyes get wet off. The trails and tests of love they passed through is really heart touching as well as heart wrenching. These all fictional based love stories have serious as well as emotional impacts in our practical lives. These infinite imaginable pictures lead us into the world of imagination. While watching these fictional movies, we see ourselves somewhere in these fictional characters. We start to feel like them, talk like them and finally we start to act like them. Such fictional characters left an unimaginable and severe impacts on our mindsets and we start to live up these fictional characters. 

In reality, we could never live in fictional obsession. Life is rational and it is lived up with radical changes. And change is itself the law of nature. If we thought we live on the roadmap of imagination. It is not possible, as we live in real world. Our life is rational and practical where imagination is only a concept and if we want to survive, we have to live up with in the reality. These fictional love characters we read or see is also an imagination and if we start to live and feel like them. We will upset our emotions and our rational thinking as well as our character will become a heavy burden to us. We can never imagine the reality of lives untill we know how to live in reality rather than in imagination. So is the reality of our characters. The love stories which we read in books or see in films are totally  different from reality. A common person who tries to copy such characters in real lives is not less than a fool.The fake love stories which we follow is not less than a mental trauma. Such fake love stories could never be our reality and those fictional characters could never be our role models. Our reality of self consciousnesses is beyond these fake love stories. As cultured human beings we should never fall prey to them. The way we  follow blindly such foot steps is not less than a disaster in making. 

The fake love stories that we  follow blindly is taking toll of lives. We see innumerable suicides, murders , rapes, and other evils in the name of love stories. Fake love is always ended up with a disaster. Nowadays, the love we do believe is a lust and sexual desire only. The sexual orientation is being given the name of pious love and sacred affection. In other words, I may strongly condemn the way our young girls are going through sexual assaults and harassments in the name of love. The way we witness the sexual harassments of girls on every single passing day in the name of love is enough to understand this kind of relationship. What we call love is not love, where the only aim of your life sustains on satisfaction of sexual desires. This fake love is the preparation of the hell fire. It is not only girls who fall victims of fake love stories. But sometimes, it’s prey are also innocent young boys. In the name of love, such innocent young boys loose their educational opportunities and careers forever.To be honest, I have seen many young boys who are very close to me indulging in such practices and finally they were deceived by their so called princesses. This is what we all end up with, in the name of fake love. Millions of boys and girls have fallen prey to this menace. The hundreds and thousands of families have lost their sons and daughters in the name of this affair. 

People have their own views and opinions regarding love affairs and relationships. I am not insisting anybody to be convinced with my view point. Everyone is free to occupy his own thinking about this affair. But in my opinion, the modern young boys and girls who thought that they are in love with the each other. When we see the results of their love stories, it is unfortunate to say that they end up with lusts and sexual desires and the consequences of such relationship ends up with a mental disaster. In the past we have witnessed many such episodes where many people lost their lives in the name of this relationship. These fake love stories have made people insane. They have become drug addicts and peddlers.They have put their lives in huge risks by consuming harmful drugs. Some have become mentally unsound. I have myself seen such talented youth who were brilliant in their studies. But once they start up this kind of relationship. They end up with such a disaster which was beyond the human control. Their lives become hell and they lost their sense of rational thoughts forever. They became  paralyzed. Their level of intelligent quotient vanished and deteriorated forever. They looked like duffers. This is all because of this fake love. At present, majority of the young boys and girls are suffering from the same disease.I call it disease because when we fell in this illegal sort of affair, its end displays dreadful results and consequences are evident i,e. Mental trauma. 

Think for a while, when we have our own family to love and be loved but we choose an unknown girl or boy for it. Isn’t this a mere lust rather than love or affection. On one hand, our parents need our love and care. But we try to give it to any unknown person who even doesn’t deserve it. The lust which we are living with is a serious concern. So called love has deteriorated and mutilated the good characters of good people. Living with such a relationship shall make us wild animals. The world in which we live will become a jungle, a forest where only wild animals could survive. Such kind of growing menace is surely a catastrophe in the making. This fake relationship will prove hazardous to our upcoming generations and will make us uncivilised. If we want to free our society from evils. Then we should stop people indulging in such affairs. Stop your youths to fall prey of fake love stories. It is our moral responsibility to enlighten them with morality and ethics. They should be motivated by imparting them with religious knowledge based on true principles and purposes of real life. 

There is a huge difference between  love and the lust.

Please think rationally, “Love is not love that finds alteration”.

The writer is a freelancer and writes on contemporary issues. He can be reached at [email protected]

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