‘Action against me because I unearthed scams’, claims suspended BMO Handwara

‘Action against me because I unearthed scams’, claims suspended BMO Handwara

‘Allegations baseless, action taken is genuine’: Director  

Srinagar, June 10 : A day after Directorate of Health Services Kashmir (DHSK) suspended Block Medical Officer, Handwara, Dr Abdul Majid Bhat Wednesday claimed that action against him was taken because he “unearthed scams of corrupt people in the department”.

An order issued by the DHSK said that an inquiry had been constituted against BMO Handwara, Dr Abdul Majid Bhat over a complaint against him by local Panches and Sarpanches.

The inquiry report furnished in this regard has stated that the accused officer “has not been able to prove his ability as an administrator,” the DHSK said.

“Besides, he uses unparliamentary language for the public and abuses the female staff,” it added.

However, the doctor termed all these allegations against him baseless.

Dr Majid spoke to news agency and claimed that he was punished for “exposing” the scams in the Health Department.

“I recently unearthed a scandal of Rs 3 lakh done by an employee in the Director’s office who has never been transferred from there for the last 28 years. The last transaction happened in November 2019; I raised questions where the money has gone. Even an MS of a hospital has misappropriated Rs 5 lakh COVID funds. Once I exposed them, I was suspended. He (An employee who is in the Director’s office) is a key corrupt person,” Dr Majid claimed.

He claimed that the said person wanted him to cover up his wrong-doings. “Once I refused to do so, he started removing and creating problems for me. The same person has created mental trauma for a reputed orthopedics.”

The suspended doctor claimed that a fake audio clip was made under a well-planned conspiracy. “Suppose even if the clip is genuine why not action against others who are also talking in the clip,” he asked.

Dr Majid claimed that Sarpanch who had lodged a complaint against him had earlier asked to give “Rs 10,000 to him (Sarpanch) from hospital development fund”.

“The Sarpanch even asked me to send an Asha worker for cleaning his home. He even asked me not to send some people for COVID duty. I refused to do all these things and even put a complaint before DC,” he maintained.

He claimed that these persons then hatched a “conspiracy”.

“How can the Director listen to Sarpanch and not even call explanations from me. The person (who is just a clerk in the Director’s office) was also with the inquiry team. How can a clerk come with the inquiry team and shout at me? I was not even given a chance to give an explanation. The members of this inquiry team had come to Handwara on Sunday. Why did they not come on Saturday or Monday,” he asked.

Dr Majid said he will continue to expose the wrong doings in the Health Department. “For last one year, I have been transferred from four places because I did not want to be part of their corrupt practices. I was transferred from Bandipora to Kellar Shopian to Pulwama, and then Handipora where I have been suspended now.”

“I am a man of principles but the corrupt atmosphere does not accept such people. They wanted me to remain silent on their corrupt practices.”

He also claimed that money was also being taken from officials for their choicest postings. “Call it Corruption Health Services not Directorate of Health Services.  A person who was junior to me has been made CMO.”

“Is it a crime to ask staff to give COVID duty? Is it a crime to ask doctors to prescribe Ayush medicines which are easily available in government hospitals instead of Allopathic medicines which are costly and generates commission of Rs 50,000 to each month to a doctor”? he asked.

He claimed that the Director was pretending that he was in quarantine. “The reality is he is in the hospital which he (Director) is running in Jammu and hardly bothers to remain available in office.”

However Incharge Deputy Director Headquarters Health Department Kashmir Dr Basher Ahmad Chalkoo termed Dr Majid’s allegations baseless. 

“There was a representation from Panches and Sarpanches complaining about administrative failure there. Then doctors’ delegation also made a representation that their issues are not being followed. After which the inquiry team was constituted who went there and gave recommendations. Inquiry team was constituted so they could listen to both sides. It is wrong that the doctor’s version was not taken,” Chalkoo told news agency.

Asked the said doctor has been transferred from four places in one year, he said, “There were also some issues in his previous postings only then he was transferred. This is not that the whole department is at fault. Even if he says the audio clip is fake, that is a matter of investigation.”

Director Health Services Kashmir Dr Samir Mattoo also termed Dr Majid’s allegations baseless. “We took action on what is reality. He even talked to the inquiry team very rudely,” he told news agency.

“Our enquiry team and even senior officers went there but he didn’t come in front of them. His past record is also not so good. Which scam he is talking about?  He has never brought any scam in our notice. These are all baseless allegations,” the director maintained.(KINS)

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