All is not well in SMC

All is not well in SMC

The series of tweets by Srinagar Mayor, highlighting the malpractices of some corporators in Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) warrants a thorough probe into the functioning of City’s supposed to be an effective democratic institution of local self-government.

Investigations into such allegations have assumed more significance in view of the fact that most of the government departments have been recently brought under the ambit of the Corporation’s jurisdiction.

It means your sewerage and drainage, city roads, drinking water, gardens and parks, solid waste disposal, electricity, street lights, school infrastructure and all other basic amenities have been kept at the mercy of the whims of these corporators.

The Srinagar Municipal Corporation is supposed to discharge multifarious duties and functions to provide basic civic facilities to the citizens of Srinagar City and to the floating population.

From the Smart City project to lack of an effective waste-management system and handling all new departments brought under the purview of Corporation, the elected councilors of Srinagar Municipal Corporation had a tough task to be accomplished in a given period of time.

But instead of accomplishing their official targets, the recent allegations of bribery against most of the corporators have raised a million dollar question on the credibility of this institution which needs to be dissolved without any further delay.

A more shocking revelation has come to fore about a so-called journalist who is acting as a tout in the SMC. Facilitating verbal work orders to contractors, this so-called journalist has duped many contractors in connivance with some senior officers of the SMC.  

The government needs to dig deep and order a high level probe into the functioning of this corporation or else it will dent the credibility of the government of India that often claims about devolution of powers and bringing governance at the doorsteps in Jammu and Kashmir.

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