An Educationist Par Excellence

An Educationist Par Excellence

Suhail Khan

Sopore has been the hub of literary personalities, educationists, and people who have given their entire time for the betterment of the society.

One such educationist is Mrs Baseema Aijaz- Chairperson of Shah Rasool Memorial Welkin Sopore, a reputed educational institution in north Kashmir’s Sopore area. SRM Welkin isn’t only providing quality education to thousands of children and letting them excel in their field but provides jobs to thousands of people- a reason for the survival of their families. This ambitious relationship with the families of employees and the students is making SRM Welkin a top priority among the residents.

Leading from the front, that’s what fits exactly to Mrs Baseema Aijaz. Be it any educational initiative or for that matter any social cause, Baseema has proved a leader among the masses. She is leading school towards excellence and as well as cares about the society in a lot of ways.

For any development related work in Sopore, boosting students and encouraging youngsters, Baseema is at the forefront with all her resources.

Today at one such event organised by ARTO Sopore, Mrs Baseema Aijaz chairperson SRM Welkin Sopore thanked the participants and organizers of the event for coming up with this unique and imformative message of road safety measures.

“Such awareness programs are need of the hour and every individual should come forward for the change and should work together. It is my humble appeal to the administration that it is always better to work on the ground. When our administration is claiming to have started developmental work, it should not be mere lip service but there should be some visible change,” Baseema said while addressing the gathering.

She appealed the people of Soppre that we must work together to make this town a developed town- the town once called as Chota London and known for its apples.

The event was organized to aware people about the safety measures, traffic rules, and precautions needed while driving.

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