An officer with a golden heart

An officer with a golden heart

By Suhail Khan

A 38-year-old Sopore police officer is the toast of Sopore town, thanks to his philanthropic nature and policing. People recall him as an officer with a golden heart.

Besides his policing he has always been a kind, and a great human. Through his noble acts, he has won the hearts of many people at Sopore and outskirts.

Sopore in the recent past has witnessed an increase in substance abuse but the efforts made by SDPO Sopore Raja Majid has to a great extent decreased the involvement of youth in the drug abuse.

Most of the times, he can be seen guiding youth who are on wrong track. He always counsels them and helps them to enjoy a beautiful life and in a good direction.

In the words of a drug addict, “Sir, never treated us like criminals. He always counselled us in a nice way and asked us to leave the drug abuse. His way of talking and treatment actually forced me to leave this abuse. I admire him a lot”.

Helping the needy and elderly of the area is what the officer believes in. He has been there always for the needy be it students or the poor of the society, he is always at the helping end.

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