Arms training should be given to Kashmiri Pandits: Former DGP

Arms training should be given to Kashmiri Pandits: Former DGP

Former Director-General of Jammu and Kashmir Police Mr. Shesh Paul Vaid has favoured arming the minority Hindus and vulnerable sections among the Muslim community in the Kashmir Valley so that they can protect themselves from attacks.

The former J-K top cop while talking to India Today said that all options must be explored for instilling a sense of security among the minority community of Kashmiri Hindus.

He also said that weapons should be provided to the members of the community and arms training should be given to them so that they can take protect themselves from the “terror” attacks. “There is no harm in giving arms training and providing weapons to the minority Hindu community as well as to the vulnerable section of the Muslims in the Kashmir valley,” said Mr. Vaid.

He added, “Village Defence Committees (VDCs) can be constituted in the Valley. However, this formula requires detailed planning. Forming VDCs in the Kashmir Valley is difficult, but not impossible.”

Since killing of Sarpanch Ajay Pandita Bharti, many Kashmiri Pandits have demanded that government must arm the Hindus in the valley.

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