Army’s 13 RR organised medical camp in Shahgund village

Army’s 13 RR organised medical camp in Shahgund village

Peerzada Waseem

1 . Kaniyari is a backward village in the AOR of SHAHGUND COB. The village lacks basic necessities like proper housing, electricity, water Supply and medical facilities.

2 . On the eve of New year and it’s continued efforts to reach out to the needy and backward villages of the AOR, Army Camp Shahgund organised a free medical check up camp to address the cold related health problems of the locals.

3 . Approx 200 Ladies, children and old were given free medicines and preliminary  medical assistance alongwith tips on health and hygiene including prevention of cold related problems.

4 .The demand for such camp had been coming from the locals of the nearby villages for quiet sometime and this free medical check up camp was hailed as a welcome step by the locals, as it provided much needed relief during this time of year.

  1. The medical camp was welcomed by the locals and also acted as a platform for strengthening Awaam Jawan bond.

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