Article 35A row: Stay home in case of ‘mass agitation,’ Naikoo warns cops

Article 35A row: Stay home in case of ‘mass agitation,’ Naikoo warns cops

Srinagar, Feb 24: Hizbul Mujahideen commander Riyaz Naikoo Sunday said policemen should “stay home” and not try to “suppress any mass agitation by people” if Article 35A is scrapped.

“People who work in the police department must understand that Article 35A is as important for them as it is for common Kashmiris. We are not asking you to resign, but just stay home like other government employees when we ask you to,” he said, warning cops of dire consequences if they fail to do so.

He also asked non-local residents to leave Kashmir if “ India does anything with Article 35A.”

“The situation indicates that India is planning to tinker with Article 35 A and is sending more troops to suppress people and deprive them of leadership by mass arresting resistance leadership. We must also bear in mind that previous agitations were called off keeping in view the educational loss of our children. But we must ask ourselves about the future of our youth who were blinded , booked under PSA or thrown out of educational institutions in India . Therefore we must make up our mind for sacrifices once and for all,” Naikoo is heard saying in a purported audio clip, that has now gone viral on social media.

“India is mistaken if it thinks it can suppress the movement by arresting the leadership. We appeal people to stay united . Religious organisations must not fall prey to trivial sectarian disputes,” he said.

“India does not consider us human beings as their leaders have made clear through their recent statements that they are only interested in Kashmir’s land and not its people,” he said.

Naikoo said Kashmiri students who were thrashed outside were targeted for “being Kashmiris and not for their religious school of thought. Even those whose fathers and brothers work for the Indian army and police were not spared. India does not need any of us. If today someone else was attacked, tomorrow it will be you .”

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