Article 370 Abrogation: One Nation, One Constitution; What about J&K’s PRC?

Article 370 Abrogation: One Nation, One Constitution; What about J&K’s PRC?

People confused about holding a state subject certificate post Article 370 abrogation, no rules and regulations for PRC as of now, say top officials

Srinagar 13 Sep : With the center’s move of stripping the special status of J&K under the slogan of one Nation, One Constitution, the people of the erstwhile state are in the state of confusion as to whether they need to apply and hold the most crucial document known as Permanent Resident Certificate (PRC).

According to wire service—the state administration have not issued any statement or guidelines on holding of the state domicile certificate causing the fear among the masses of losing its credibility in J&K. The abrogation of the Article 370 by the Parliament and framing out a nationwide policy of ‘One Nation, One Constitution which encompasses the states of India to be ruled under a single constitution. The announcement of this policy was made immediately after the revocation of the Article 370 and the bifurcation of the J&K state into two Union Territories (UT’s).

Lateef Ahmad, resident of Srinagar, told the wire service—The recent revocation of Article 370 have made this certificate a piece of trash, during the pre-abrogation period this certificate was holding a great importance for the resident of the state. See when all citizens of India as per new law are equal, what is the fun of PRC certificate.”

He said that, the move of abrogation of Article 370 have made a way-out for the people of the country to enjoy the same benefits as they have in perspective of buying and selling of land, building, government jobs, etc.

Lateef further said that,” By this move we lost our identity and privileges which were entitled for us.”

Sandeep Singh (name changed) , who has been preserving PRC certificate, told,” I am off the view about the validation of the state subject but as the slogan of one nation one constitution suggests, I think it’s gone for now.”

Singh further said that as we buy and sell the properties outside the valley hassle-free, the same is supposed to happen here when a non-state subject holder will buy and sell the immovable properties of the state.

Singh said that, “I personally think that if the state administration allows the non-state subject holders to trade on the immovable properties of the state but at the same time the jobs in the state administration must be reserved for the locals of the state keeping in view the unemployment factor in the region.”

Talking to wire service—, senior officials in the administration, said so far there are no rules and regulations issues by the Centre over the issues. “So confusion continues to prevail over the issue. We are waiting for Centre’s nod over the issue,” they revealed. (KNO)

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