Article 370 gave stones to Children in Kashmir : Priya Sethi

Article 370 gave stones to Children in Kashmir : Priya Sethi

Jammu 5th Sept : Former minister and Spokesperson BJP Priya Sethi today categorically said that Article 370 is responsible for todays situation in Kashmir valley which was not only anti women,anti development,anti human rights ,but was fully misused to give stones to children instead of laptops in Kahmir valley and has fuelled terrorism in the Valley.

She added that the article has only worked against democracy and development of Jammu And Kashmir and retreated that the people especially the SC, STs,Valmikies,West Pakistan Refugees and the womenfolk were ill-treated in J&K because of Article 370 and it was totally anti human rights too.

Former Education Minister who was speaking at a function on Teachers Day at Ranbir Higher secondary school Jammu to pay warmhearted tributes to our scholar and statesman of the country Dr.Radhakrishnan on his birth anniversary and accompanied by Corporator Anil Masoom ,Principal of the School and others said that abrogation of article 370 is the biggest tribute today to Dr.Radhkrishnan as he being the teacher first would be happy today that the state which was deprived of the Right to Education act 2009 due to Article 370 but now the children of the J & K,and Ladakh will now get benefits of the Right to Education Act, 2009 which will be implemented to the Union teritory of J & K and UT of Ladakh.

She thanked the Govt led by Nariendra Modi who scrapped the article 370 totally to protect the human rights of the people living in Jammu and Kashmir and help them lead a dignified life promised by the Indian Constitution.

Priya Sethi said that it was a historic blunder which kept Kashmir bleeding for 70 years and Lakhs of people were deprived of their rights, ,Kashmiri Hindus were forced to leave homes ,thousands of our security forces were martyred.

While today one month has passed when the article 370 was removed ,Priya added that it is a histrocal correction of histrocal blunder and the correction was done by none other than our PM Modi who believes in doing than saying.

Priya added that Article 370 was like a Great wall of China and the benefit of it was taken only by Abdullhas and Muftis families who in return misled the common people but today Kashmiris are feeling happy after abrogation of the article 370 and proof of that is this today after 30 days have gone when article was abolished,the Naya Kashmir is coming towards normalcy day by day.

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