Assam doctor fined for medical negligence

Assam doctor fined for medical negligence

Guwahati, Sep 26 (PTI) Assam Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has found a doctor of an urban health centre guilty of medical negligence leading to the death of a woman, and ordered him to provide Rs 5 lakh compensation to the patient’s husband.

A full bench of the AHRC, including its chairperson Justice T Vaiphei, on Wednesday found Dr Ghanashyam Thakuria of Ambari Urban Health Centre, guilty of medical negligence that led to the death of one Pinky Das in 2017, an AHRC press release said.

The Commission recommended that the amount be paid by Dr Thakuria to the patient’s husband within two months.

“As the employer of the charged officer, it is open to the State Government to pay the said amount on his behalf and recover the same from his salary by instalment or otherwise,” the AHRC release said.

The AHRC had registered a case on the basis of a complaint filed by the patient’s husband in October, 2017.

Pinky Das had visited the doctor with symptomns of backache, mild fever, lower abdominal pain and burning sensation.

“At the time of her examination, she had normal blood pressure, normal pulse, but tenderness on her lower abdomen and both sides of her kidney region, which were diagnosed as symptomns of urinary tract infection.

“The accused doctor doctor had prescribed injections and drips after administering of which the patient developed complications. She was referred to theC Hospital here but she died before receiving any treatment,” the release said.

The Commission called for an inquiry report from the state Director of Health and Family Welfare wherein it was concluded that there was no medical negligence on the part of Dr Thakuria, the release said.

The Commission observed with surprise as to how a patient who, at the time of her examination by the doctor was admittedly having back pain only, could die after taking the prescribed drug.

“As such an independent opinion was sought from an expert or specialist in medicine from the Gauhati Medical College and Hospital wherein no negligence by the charged doctor was found.

But in the absence of proper explanation by the charged officer, the Commission had no alternative but to hold Dr Thakuria guilty of medical negligence which resulted in the death of Pinky Das,” the AHRC said.

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