Associated Hospital GMC Baramulla Conducts Successful CPR Awareness Programme

Associated Hospital GMC Baramulla Conducts Successful CPR Awareness Programme

Baramulla, 06 Dec. : The Associated Hospital Government Medical College Baramulla recently hosted a highly successful one-day Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Awareness Programme. The event, organized at the national level by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the National Board of Examinations in Medical Sciences (NBEMS), witnessed an impressive turnout of around 150 participants.

Under the guidance of the esteemed Principal of GMC Baramulla, Dr. (Prof.) Ruby Reshi, the programme aimed to highlight the importance of acquiring basic life-saving skills for individuals both within and outside the medical field. In her message, Prof. Ruby emphasized the potential of CPR to save lives and make a lasting impact in emergency situations. Thanks to the coordination and effort of Dr. Parvaiz Masoodi, Medical Superintendent Associated Hospital GMC Baramulla, the programme was executed smoothly with the necessary infrastructure and manpower.

The programme started with an online address by NBEMS President Dr. Abhijat Sheth, who reinforced the significance of learning CPR to prevent premature cardiac deaths. This was followed by a demonstration of CPR techniques by national-level experts, Dr. Sanjeev Mittal and Dr. Debasis Dhar from NBEMS. The participants then received hands-on training from experts at GMC, including Dr. Afak Sherwani, Senior Consultant in General Surgery, and Dr. Yasir Bashir, Assistant Professor in General Medicine. The experts also delivered comprehensive presentations on Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support, expanding participants’ knowledge and understanding of these life-saving techniques. At the end of the event, participants were awarded a digital certificate of participation endorsed by the NBEMS.

Dr. Waseem Iqbal, Assistant Professor in Pediatrics and Nodal Officer DNB Courses GMC Baramulla, played a key role in coordinating the programme and ensuring its successful execution. Participants left the event equipped with practical knowledge to effectively handle emergency situations.

Expressing gratitude towards the National Board of Examinations in Medical Sciences (NBEMS) for their support and collaboration, Dr. Ruby Reshi stated that Government Medical College Baramulla takes immense pride in hosting such an important event. The completion of the CPR Awareness Programme highlights GMC Baramulla’s commitment to promoting preparedness and equipping medical and non-medical professionals with vital life-saving skills. The hospital plans to regularly organize Basic Life Support and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Awareness programmes for all employees, especially newcomers, to ensure they are equipped with this essential skill.

The successful CPR Awareness Programme conducted at Associated Hospital Government Medical College Baramulla is a positive step towards creating a culture of preparedness and saving lives in emergency situations.

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