Bandipora district faces shortage of educational staff

Bandipora district faces shortage of educational staff

157 lecturer posts, lying vacant across district: CEO Bandipora

Tauseef Ahmad

BANDIPORA, Apr 05: The education system in Bandipora, which was once known for its Quality Education, is facing a serious shortage of lecturers. The lack of teachers,lecturers  has left many students in Bandipora  without proper guidance, hindering their education and future prospects.

The details available with Kashmir Despatch, shows that 157 lecturer posts are lying vacant of across Bandipora district. Out of 312 lecturers in Bandipora zone only 192 are working. Similarly in Gurez out of 85, 37 posts are vacant, which affects students across Bandipora district.

The shortage of lecturers has been a long-standing issue in Bandipora, and despite repeated appeals by students and parents, the government has failed to take any concrete steps to address the problem.

The district, which is known for its high-quality education, has seen a significant decline in the quality of education in recent years due to the shortage of teachers.

“We have been facing a shortage of teachers in our schools for years, and we expect good results from the headless schools and staff shortage institutions”, Abdul Samad, a local resident of Gurez valley, told Kashmir Despatch.

“The shortage of teachers has been seen clearly as last year some institutions have zero percent result in Board exams, our repeated requests to higher authorities goes in vain, nobody is showing interest even our own teachers who belonged to Gurez valley does not want to work in their own villages,” Mohd Rahim another resident said.

The shortage of lecturers is not just limited to a few subjects or schools; it is spread across different subjects and schools in the district. The lack of teachers is felt the most in the science and mathematics departments, where students require more personalized attention and guidance.

The shortage of teachers has also had an impact on the local economy, as many families have moved to nearby towns and cities in search of better educational opportunities for their children from Gurez valley.

 Several residents urged the government to  take swift action to address this issue and ensure that every student in the district has access to quality education.

Meanwhile, speaking with Kashmir Despatch, Chief Education Officer Bandipora, Abdul Majeed Malik said that the efficiency of lecturers is lying across UT Kashmir, around 40% of posts are lying vacant in Jammu and Kashmir.

He also said that the posts which are lying vacant in Bandipora schools,we are doing alternative arrangements for them the teachers from nearby schools taught them. “The Education department is working to fill vacant posts and hope it will be fulfilled very soon,” he added.

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