Bengaluru man stabs wife over ‘tasteless’ kebab, hangs himself

Bengaluru man stabs wife over ‘tasteless’ kebab, hangs himself

In a horrific incident reported from Bengaluru, a man ended up stabbing his wife over “tasteless kebabs” and hanged himself later. Meanwhile, the deceased man’s wife is recovering at hospital.

The incident was reported from Bengaluru’s Bannerghatta and the deceased man was identified as Suresh M and his wife was identified as Shalini. The deceased husband and his wife are reported of being garment employees employed in Bengaluru.

According to reports, the deceased’s wife returned home from work sometime around 7 pm earlier last week. The deceased asked his wife to prepare chicken kebab for him. However, when the deceased tasted the prepared dish, he got upset as he found it to be tasteless.

Enraged over the tasteless kebabs, the deceased started abusing her and ended up stabbing her in head. He also stabbed his wife on hands and further assaulted her with wooden legs. Hearing the screams of the woman, the neighbours rushed to rescue her.

The woman was rushed to the nearby hospital. Later, the police reached the hospital and took statement from the victim. Based on the statements, the police later went to the deceased man’s home and found him hanging.

According to one of the officers involved, the man probably hanged himself fearing consequences of his actions.

The Facts of the Matter
According to Ministry of Health and Family Affair’s National Family Health Survey Karnataka remains as one of the most unsafe places in nation when it comes to women. 44% of married women surveyed for 2019-2021 claimed that they faced domestic violence. This is all the more concerning as Karnataka is dubbed as the most progressive states in the country, and is the home of India’s Silicon Valley in Bengaluru.

Bengaluru Woman Faces Domestic Abuse
Recently, another woman in Bengaluru faced the brunt of her husband’s abuse over something extremely trivial. 42-year-old Shalini had to be rushed to the hospital after her husband, Suresh M, stabbed her for allegedly preparing “tasteless kebabs”. Suresh later hanged himself to death. Amid all this, Shalini lives to tell the tale and is currently recovering at a hospital.

According to reports, the incident was reported from Bannerghatta, Bengaluru. Both the deceased and his now-recovering wife were reported to be garment employees.

Husband Asks Wife to Prepare Chicken Kebabs
Reportedly, earlier on Tuesday, Shalini returned from her work at around 7pm when her husband asked her to prepare chicken kebabs. Shalini prepared the dish for her husband. However, Suresh was annoyed over the fact that the chicken kebabs were tasteless.

Ruckus Ensues Over “Tasteless Kebabs”
Enraged over the same, Suresh unleashed his rage. In a fit of anger, he started hurling abuses at Shalini. He then went on to stab Shalini multiple times in her head and hands. He also assaulted Shalini with wooden logs.

Neighbours Rescue Wife, Husband Flees
When the couple’s neighbours heard Shalini’s scream for help, they rushed to rescue her. Shalini was rushed to the hospital following the ruckus and amid all this, Suresh reportedly fled from the same.

Soon the police, who were alerted of the domestic ruckus, reached the hospital, and recorded Shalini’s statement against her husband. Based on her complaint, a case of attempt to murder was registered against 48-year-old Suresh.

Police Find Accused Husband Hanging
To bring in Suresh and continue the proceedings of the case, the police reached Suresh’s residence. However, to their shock they found him hanging. The police officer told media that the accused may have killed himself fearing consequences of his actions.

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Earlier in April this year, multiple instances of similar nature were reported from Thane. In what was dubbed as ‘Thane Breakfast Killings’, one woman was allegedly killed for salty breakfast while another was killed over not serving breakfast with tea. (Agencies)

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