Bl’a male doc tests positive also shown pregnant

Bl’a male doc tests positive also shown pregnant

Suhail Khan

Srinagar June 3: In a bizarre incident, a male doctor in Baramulla has not only been shown COVID-19 positive but also pregnant.

As per details accessed by the news agency, a 38-year-old doctor of Khajabagh Baramulla has been tested positive for coronavirus but also shown pregnant.

“This is mishandling of samples. This is utter negligence in handling of samples,” an official said.

Baramulla district was recently in news for mishandling COVID patients.
In last month, at least three COVID patients were sent home due to the alleged negligence of the district administration Baramulla.

As reported news agency, A patient (name withheld) who appeared in a video which is available with news agency, claimed to have tested positive for novel coronavirus on May 4 after which he was put in an isolation centre for recovery.

In a video, he says that after remaining in isolation till May 18, a test was carried some days ago which turned negative for COVID. He was discharged along with a negative certificate in the presence of officials from the administration and medical staff who dropped him at his home.

“After spending a night at home I was informed that I am positive for coronavirus again and I have to return back for the treatment,” he said in the video.
He said, “It is a total failure and negligence on part of the administration and medical authorities who after declaring me negative and then told I am COVID-19 after spending a night at home.”

Before two such cases had reported from Baramulla town. In one case a 40-year-old man who was kept under official quarantine at Baramulla town was discharged on last Monday morning after being declared negative for COVID-19. Then he was told by the administration to immediately return to the quarantine facility citing that his test has come positive for the same disease.

In other case a person from Handwara was discharged from a COVID-19 quarantine centre after declaring him negative for the disease. However, the officials rushed to put him in isolation after his test reports came positive for the deadly disease.

“These cases are typical examples of official negligence which has put lives of many others in the quarantine centre at risk in addition to the family members of the said persons,” opined a doctor at District Hospital Baramulla on the condition of anonymity. (KINS)

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