Bohri Kadal residents decry lack of development

Bohri Kadal residents decry lack of development

Authorities neglect Srinagar’s historic locality 

Shazia Masood/ Bilkees Rashid

SRINAGAR, Mar 06 : Residents of Bohri Kadal, a historic locality in Srinagar city resembles a hamlet of a far flung area of any rural district where inhabitants crave for basic amenities. 

Locals in Bohri Kadal, a downtown area of Srinagar, rue that the area has been neglected by the administration and they  have not witnessed any development of the area during past several years.

“Saraf kadal, Rajouri kadal, and Bohri kadal were named after the bridges. The names are there but bridges have been buried under the Nalahmar road,” said a local Fayaz Ahmad.

Locals said that Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah, 1st elected Prime Minister of Jammu and Kashmir had approved the Nalahmar road which has not seen any up-gradation since his demise. 

“The tributary flowing through the area was blocked and converted into the Nalahmar road long ago by Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah but no drainage system has been set forth from years now on,” he added.

Another resident, Mir Mukhtar said that the road construction took place in his childhood days. “It took many years to complete the Nalahmar road construction. Though, I have grown old but I don’t witness any development in the area ,” Mir added..

Bohor is a Kashmiri word for medicinal herb and Bohori’s are the people dealing with  medicinal herbs. 

“The kadal (bridge) and the large number of bohori’s (herb sellers) gave rise to Bohri kadal,” elaborated a local Nasir Ahmad.

Known for the significant presence of herb sellers ‘Bohori’s’ the area would witness sale of Ubuj (Rumex acetosa) which is used for appetiser and astringent, Pudina (Mentha arvensis) used as antiseptic for stomach troubles and as stimulant, Bombiposh (Nymphaea alba) used in burning and insomnia, which also improves voice, Datur (Datura metel) used as antiseptic and many other varieties of medicinal herbs in abundance.

“I have been working with the herbs since 1975. Years back there were more than hundred shops selling the medicinal herbs but now there are few shops dealing with herbs,” said a herb seller Zahoor Ahmad.

While narrating the importance of medicinal herbs he said that there are no side effects in the medicinal herbs as they are purely natural.

“The Nalahmar road was constructed in my childhood but since then there was no development in the area,” Zahoor complained.

This historic area has been deprived of the basic amenities and the locals complained that they seldom have the luxury of having uninterrupted power and water supply and so is the case with the availability of other essential services. 

Meanwhile, despite repeated attempts the officials in SMC Srinagar were not available for commits.

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