Caught on video: Cops assaulting women at Jamia protests

Caught on video: Cops assaulting women at Jamia protests

After a video emerged of police assaulting a group of protesters comprising mainly women, two of those who were hit spoke to The Indian Express about the incident. They were at Alshifa hospital, where many of those injured were being treated.

Ayesha Renna, 22, a history student at Jamia Millia Islamia, and Ladeeda Sakhaloon, 22, a BA Arabic student were among those who were seen getting thrashed by policemen. They were part of the protests near NFC.

Renna said, “We were at the back of the group. Around 5.30 pm, we saw people at the front running back and police charging towards us. We went inside the garage of a house and stayed there. There were nine of us girls and one boy. The gate couldn’t be closed because a car was blocking it. A few policemen surrounded us outside and asked us to come out. They said they wouldn’t hit us. We refused but suddenly one of them dragged the boy out and we were pulled out too. They then started hitting all of us with lathis.” Sakhaloon reiterated Renna’s allegations.


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