China deploys deadly divine eagle jet UAVs & H-6K bombers adjacent to India: Report

China deploys deadly divine eagle jet UAVs & H-6K bombers adjacent to India: Report

The Chinese forces have deployed the deadly Diving Eagle Jet UAVs and H-6K bombers at its two airbases near areas adjacent to India.

According to a report, China’s People Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) is operating the Divine Eagle Jet UAVs from Malan airbase and H-6K bombers from the Hoping airbase

Divine Eagle UAVs are known to be the world largest unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The length of the Diving Eagle Jet UAV is about 15 metres and its wings size is about 35-45 metres. China claims that these UAVs can also detect stealth fighters like the F-22 and F-35 of the USA.

On the other hand, the deadly H-6 bomber of China’s People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) is a variant of the Tupolev TU-16 twin-engine medium-range bomber of the erstwhile Soviet Union. The latest version is the H-6K, which has been designed for long-range attacks and is a strategic bomber. Some reports say it is capable of even attacking the US carrier battle groups having the nuclear-strike capability.

The H-6K bombers on Hoping Airfield of Tibet are just 200 kilometres from the Indian border in Sikkim. The deployment of Divine Eagle Jet UAVs at Malan airfield is also a cause of concern for the Indian security agencies. Malan airfield is located in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region.

“India wants a better relationship with China. Both countries have been engaged in efforts to overcome mutual differences to maintain peace in the region but the way China is engaged in strengthening its defence preparedness from Tibet to Xinjiang is a matter of concern for us,” an Indian security establishment officer said.

The report states that People’s Liberation of Army (PLA) has taken full control of Hoping Airfield and it has been placed under Western Theater Command (WTC). Hoping Airbase is also known as a Shigatse Airport and is a dual-use military and civilian airport. PLA is also reported to have inducted 155mm calibre vehicle mounted Howitzer in WTC.

The dispute between India and China over Doklam in June-August 2017 may have subsided but China has been constantly engaged in strengthening defence preparedness in the border areas. China’s PLA has also built several new military camps in the border areas.

Intelligence inputs also suggest that there is a secret guided missile unit in China’s Yuxi about 900 kilometres from Arunachal Pradesh. China has deployed its 622 Missile Brigade in Yuxi equipped with guided missiles. China is also deploying long-range kill missiles at this new base.

China has already strengthened its Western Theater Command against India and with the new revelation about the new Missile Brigade in the South Theater Command, Indian agencies have been busy constantly monitoring the development. .

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