Communication Gag: Biometric Attendance system grounded in Kashmir

Communication Gag: Biometric Attendance system grounded in Kashmir

Local call service centers, Govt offices not able to track staff attendance, traditional means of attendance in use

Srinagar Sep 23 : The major call and service centers based in Kashmir are badly hit with the non-functioning of Biometric attendance systems due to the ongoing internet gag and the maintenance of manual alternative of attendance system is creating “trust deficiency” between the authorized centers and their companies. Bio-metric attendance in government offices across Kashmir to has sustained a jolt in absence of internet.

According to wire service, the valley based call and services center officials are facing a tough challenge from their respective managements on the authenticity of their day to day attendance system.

The suspension of the internet services have restricted the usage of biometric attendance system which is basically used for an online system of marking the attendance along with accurate log in and log out time on the employee database of the company. But due to the prevailing internet clampdown the centers are relying on the manual system of attendance which is made on a piece of paper or registry which is not convincing the officials based in regional head offices of the company.

Faheem Malik, a call center representative told the wire service that,” I have been marking my attendance on an attendance register which is manually operated by us but we are not sure whether our management will accept this or not as most of times they doubt about the authenticity of this system.” This, he said, is the traditional and an outdated method to keep track of staff attendance.

He told the wire service that the prevailing uncertainty have doubled our task and the suspension of much needed services have hampered most of our job responsibilities.

Another employee Sandeep Saxena told the wire service that, “Last time I spoke to my officials and narrated them our ordeal on biometric system failure but they were not convinced by our alternative way of marking the attendance.”

He told the wire service that the internet services are gaged here on regular basis one time for one reason and another time for some other and unfortunately for all that we have to bear the consequences and find ways to convince our officials about the available alternatives every time.

He further told the , “I recently interacted with an official from our company on telephone, he questioned me about the staff presence, attendance procedure, time log book, etc. but by the end of our conversation I found him dis satisfied with our way out.” (KNO)

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