Communication Gag: Security Forces personnel awry over barring mobile, internet services

Communication Gag: Security Forces personnel awry over barring mobile, internet services

Not able to talk to our families, kids; sole landline only source of communication for us, says troops deployed on Sgr streets

Srinagar, Sep 07 : As normal life continues to remain paralyzed in Kashmir for the second month as markets remain shut, roads deserted, and educational institutions closed, the security forces personnel deployed at length across Kashmir, especially Srinagar are not different than a common Kashmiri. The communication gag, according to wire service—has taken a serious on the security forces personnel as they are not able to get in touch with their families in various parts of India in absence of mobile phone and internet services.

The deployment of security forces including of police and paramilitary troopers are seen manning the roads at several places throughout the city in order to thwart any possible protest. Not only are the people of the Kashmir and Srinagar but the deployed troopers are also in the state of confusion about the future course of time and the prevailing uncertainty which took place just after the abrogation of the Article 370 by the Parliament, seems no end in the valley. The deployed forces are deployed in most of the volatile areas with an aim of maintain the law and order situation in those areas.

Sushil Kumar, a deployed trooper at downtown Srinagar told wire service that “I am deployed here right from the Aug 10, 2019 to ensure the maintenance of the law and order situation. The first week of posting posed a tough challenge for me and my colleagues as to ensure the strict restrictions in place throughout the day.” He told that before reaching the valley he heard a lot of negative about the situation in the valley but he experienced something different on grounds.

Another trooper wishing anonymity told wire service –that The Kashmir is undoubtedly a beautiful place and the recent order for the abrogation of Article 370 will surely bring the bright future and prosperity among the people of Jammu, Kashmir, and Ladakh.” He told that, the prevailing uncertainty is only because of the people’s unawareness about the future possibilities that they can avail and benefit from and I am sure that the people of the region will see the positive outcome of this decision.”

While commenting on the communication blackout he told wire service ,” The sudden communication gag was put in place to avoid the rumour mongering and to ensure the maintenance of law and order situation in the region of Kashmir but this lasted bit longer than the need which not only caused inconveniences to the general public but we also faced the same fate. We also continue to stay out of touch with our families while we being on duty here in the valley.”


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