Corona is not directly proportional to schools

Corona is not directly proportional to schools

The educational sector in our state has already suffered a lot because of the prevailing conditions known to every one. If we check the data of the working days in our schools only for the last two years, the results are 2019 the schools were forced to be closed because of the imposed curfew, post to the abrogation of article 370.Consequently the schools remained opened only for 5months during the year 2019.In the year 2020, the schools were closed after three days post covid-19 aftermath. Thus our educational system suffered a grater loss. Besides academic losses, Our young learners suffered mentally as well. One could understand the reason behind closing the educational institutes last year, after the spread of pandemic. At that time nobody knew how to deal with the situation, because humankind had never faced such a drastic situation before. Nobody could guess the magnitude of the loss, the pandemic would do at that time, especially when there was no vaccine available. From the last years experience people have learnt a lot about how to deal with the situation. And we have came a long way since then, But it was a shocking news for the common people as well as the people related to the education sector, on hearing that the authorities have ordered once again, to close the schools. While as the corona virus is not directly proportional to schools. Everybody is asking why has such a ridiculous decision been taken, where in there is no visible vision and rationale in it. Everybody is asking that,Why are these people hell bent to destroy the future of our students. Our educational sector is already in shambles, by these politically motivated decisions it will further suffer huge should be bore in mind that we can fulfill the losses in other sectors, we can bear the loss of economy etc. But we can never fulfill the losses suffered in the educational sector, even if it is the loss of one moment only.

Everybody asks, why has only the schools been ordered to be closed, while they are already following the Sop’s. The schools are already functioning according to the plan. They are already admitting only half of the strength of the students in their classes, with protective measures followed. Still they are ordered to close its doors for the learners. Where they come to explore the horizons of knowledge with utmost precautionary measures in place. While as there has been no order issued regarding the closure of parks and health resorts, where no SOPS’s are followed. This is the height of the hypocrisy on their part. If the order was based on sincerity, then there should have been an order to close the parks first. Because the adults are more vulnerable to the corona virus than children. According to a study published jan.30,2020 in the New England Journal of Medicine, Which says,” Early research suggests young children are largely untouched by the contagious coronavirus. Researchers analyzed 425 of the first people in Wuhan infected by 2019-nCov.Data revealed that none of the patients were younger than 15,and 59 was the median age. As the outbreak evolves, younger children have been infected, Times report. However ,researchers still believe the early patient characteristics provide clues about who the virus is, or isn’t, infecting.(Becker’s Healthcare website).The reasons kids are less likely to get sick from coronavirus are: The experts say that the children’s cells may be less hospitable to the virus, The children’s environment may also boost immunity, and Kids are often just healthier than adults. ( . From the above cited the experts say something, while as the people at the helm of affairs do otherwise, That is why people say something is fishy.

People doubt the intentions of the authorities also because ,the states in which elections are going in this month and the next ,there has been no lockdown imposed, no restrictions are placed in, on the election rallies. People are participating in the election campaign rallies, without following any Sop’s. People as well as well as politicians could be seen without wearing masks, in these rallies. therefore common masses are obliged to assume that the order for closure of the schools is not for the safety of their children, rather something is cooking inside. If it is not so then why has been the states in which polling is going on spared from the restrictions. For example Assam is going to poll from march 27th to April 29th,kerala shall poll on April 6th ,Tamil Nadu April 6th and west Bengal shall cast the vote from 27th March to 29th April,2021. All these states has been spared from any kind of lockdowns. Because politicians need to carry out election campaigns’, which is more important for them, Than education and future of the millions of the students.

At the end of the day it is only education and students, who will suffer, by forcing schools to be closed. Moreover it is the government school students who will suffer the most. Because most of them may not have sophisticated electronic gadgets for going online. So how could they switch to online mode. Does authorities have any second plan for them? So that their learning may not be halted. If not then the authorities have no right to impose these kind of orders blindly. Likewise it Is the responsibility of the every person of our society to think where shall these thoughtless decisions lead us educationally, So it is our collective responsibility to act at proper time.

Author :Muzaffar Ahmad Wagay can be mailed at [email protected]


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