Court imposes fine of Rs. 4 lacs for sale of substandard quality drugs

SRINAGAR, NOVEMBER 03: The Court of Chief Judicial Magistrate (CJM) Anantnag has convicted the accused responsible for manufacturing a drug of substandard quality (Hexwin MouthWash) Mfg. by Dr. Edwin Lab, and has imposed a fine of Rs. 400000(Rs 80,000 per accused) followed by a strict warning for future.

The accused were booked by the Court of CJM-Anantnag for violation of section 18(a) (i) read with section 27 (d) of drugs and Cosmetics ACT-1940. 

The case was filed in lieu of a complaint flashed in the social networking site, on Aug 02, 2018 stating Fake and re-labeled Drugs continue to flood markets in Anantnag.

The then Assistant Drugs Controller Mohammad Younis and his team of Drug Control Officers immediately lifted samples of the drug in question, which was found to be pasted with two labels, one above the other, both with different particulars.

The test report received from the Drug Testing Laboratory, declared the drug in question as not of standard quality and also confirmed the presence of two labels of different particulars on the drug sample.

The permission was accorded for launching prosecution in the said case from the State Drug Controller, J&K and accordingly the case was filed in the Court of Chief Judicial Magistrate-Anantnag by Drug Control Officer Anantnag-HQ Ashiq Hussain.

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