COVID-19 : Special trains carrying stranded JK residents leaves Ahmadabad, Pune for Udhampur

COVID-19 : Special trains carrying stranded JK residents leaves Ahmadabad, Pune for Udhampur

59492 returnees evacuated through Lakhanpur till May 19

Samaniya Bhat

Srinagar, May 20 : As a sequel to government’s initiatives of bringing back the people stuck up outside J&K to their homes in a safe and comfortable environment, two more special trains have left for Udhampur from Gujarat’s Ahmadabad city and from Maharashtra’s Pune city.

An official told Kashmir Despatch, A special train carrying stranded students, others left Pune to Udhampur in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir after being stranded for over two months there due to the extended lockdown. The official said the special train departed from Pune railway station on Tuesday late evening after all were screened at the station with a thermal device and were given a medical certificate, indicating they were free from this deadly virus the official said.

The official added, Another special train left from Kalupur R/S Ahmadabad railway station carrying stranded JK residents back to their homes.

Talking with Kashmir Despatch Jammu and Kashmir Students Association Spokesperson Nasir Khuehami said, the students who were stuck in these two states due to extended Lockdown finally start their journey towards home on Tuesday evening, he said around two thousand stranded JK residents including students are traveling in these two trains.

Pertinently, The Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) permitted stranded people, including migrant labourers, workers, students, tourists and pilgrims to return to their native place in other states in special trains from across the country since May 1.

As per the data available with Kashmir Despatch, the government has evacuated 59492 residents of J&K, stranded in various other states and UTs, through Lakhanpur besides bringing back home about 14225 people through special trains at Jammu and Udhampur railway stations. Besides 501 passengers including students have been brought back through special flights, so far.

As per the official communiqué, of 59492 returnees evacuated through Lakhanpur till May 19, 2020 (morning) included 13240 from Punjab; 19616 from Himachal Pardesh, 21 from Andhra Pardesh, 5600 from Delhi, 1290 from Gujrat, 2215 from Rajasthan, 3499 from Haryana, 110 from Chattisgarh, 3050 from Uttarakhand, 587 from Maharashtra, 3834 from Uttar Pradesh, 42 from Odhisa, 244 from Assam and 898 from Madhya Pradesh, 88 from Dehradun, 906 from Chandigarh, 635 from Telengana, 7 from Karnatka, 52 from Chennai, 236 from Bihar, 46 from West Bengal, 26 from Jharkhand, 3 from Nepal and 3247 from other states and UTs.

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