CPI holds State Council Meeting in Srinagar

CPI holds State Council Meeting in Srinagar

Urges GoI to conduct elections, restore Article 370


SRINAGAR, Aug 2: The State council meeting of Communist Party of India (CPI) which met yesterday at Srinagar asked the Government of India to conduct elections for a democratically elected government in J&K.

A statement issued by CPI to Kashmir Despatch said the meeting also pressed on the government of India to restore Article 370 without any further delay.

“These actions may help the Govt. to bring back normalcy and the agony of the youth can be assuaged,” the statement read. It added that Annie Raja member of the Central Executive committee (NEC) of CPI and Syed Azeez ex MP (Rajya Sabha) and member NEC who attended the State Council on behalf of the all India Centre gave international and national picture of the situation.

“The people in Jammu and Kashmir are thoroughly alienated due to the commissions and omissions of Modis’ BJP Govt.,” they said and hence the central government should take immediate  corrective measures.”

“Indias’ history is full of love and affection since centuries but now there is a conscious attempt to divide the society on communal and caste lines, thereby the progress and development of our country will effect deeply.”

The statement read, “Unfortunately when the household income of 97% of Indians declined during the pandemic, Adanis and Ambanis income rose to 150%. Adanis’ daily income in 2021 was 2001 crores! as Modis’ Govt. is bent upon privatisation and handing over the profit making Lic, ports and other public sector units at throw away prices to these corporate houses.”

It added: “The younger generation of the country, especially J&K youth are feeling betrayed as the promise of providing jobs has failed miserably. The CPI will take up several peoples issues like price rise, unemployment, corruption, poverty, 33% reservation to women and restoring back Art.370 in J&K with left and democratic forces throughout the country. The council meeting was presided over by AR Tukroo and the State report was submitted by Mizrab, Dr.Charak , Pradhan and many others.”

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