Curse be upon us, if we crave for chair in present circumstances: Omar Abdullah

Baber Rather

Srinagar, Oct 29, : Former Chief Minister of erstwhile Jammu and Kashmir and vice president of National Conference (NC), on Tuesday said, “Curse may fall upon us, if we crave for chair in present circumstances.”

Omar Abdullah, was addressing party workers at NC head office, Nawa I Subh in Srinagar.

He said, “This fight is not for the chief ministerial chair but a fight for our rights.”

Omar said, “Lanat ho hum peh agar ham in halaat main iqtidar ki kursi kay peechay bahgain. Log hamain muaf nahin karain gay agar hamari nazar secretariat ya kursi peh rahi (Curse be upon us if we run after chair in given circumstance. People will not forgive us, if we eye on the secretariat or the ruling chair. ”

Hamari ladai hamari pehvhan kay liyay hai (our fight is for our identity),” he added.

“Taking a dig at the BJP led central government Omar said, “If center can talk with Naga leaders, who say that they don’t accept Indian constitution, Indian federalism or the flag of India, but we ask for our rights within the Indian frame work, we are being labeled as anti-nationals.”

“We are being labeled as rebels and traitors, for being with mainstream, while there is no talk about Naga people going against it”.

What do you want from us? Do you want us to leave mainstream politics, said Omar, adding that PDP workers in Jammu were allowed to hold a protest, but here in Kashmir they were arrested for doing something similar.

Omar Abdullah said, “Centre wants to snatch our land. Do they expect us to remain silent? How we will face our future generation for whom we only leave a piece of land and nothing else.” (KDC)

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