Cybersecurity Unemployment Rate & Virtually Testing Foundation Internship Program

Cybersecurity Unemployment Rate & Virtually Testing Foundation Internship Program

There’s A job For Everyone with Cyber Security Experience  

Almost anyone with cybersecurity experience and realistic salary expectations can find immediate employment. There may be a small percentage of the cyber workforce who are in between jobs, some who have resigned to explore new opportunities, and others who are unrealistic about which positions they qualify for (and the compensation commensurate with their experience) — but there’s an abundance of positions available for cybersecurity pros.

A 0% unemployment rate for the cybersecurity industry is a huge success. There’s an abundance of cyber jobs for everyone. When glancing at the state of the cybersecurity job market, you’d expect that everyone would be extremely happy with the way things are going. It’s a wonderful problem. The problem is that with full employment the challenge is finding people for open cyber positions. This is the exact issue cybersecurity hiring managers are faced with. 

Victor Monga :

Victor Monga who is the Vice Chairman of the Board – Virtually Testing Foundation Says ”  cybersecurity unemployment rate , its partly because everyone wants to be a hacker and cyber security is a lot more than that. There are a lot of factors in which  one of them about everyone thinks cybersecurity is about learning hacking . Then the other lack of corporate experience . Freshly graduates have a lot of good technical skills but have ZERO corporate experience 

Peer Tehleel Manzoor :

Peer Tehleel Manzoor is the Cyber Security Researcher – Virtually Testing Foundation says ”  Unfortunately the pipeline of security talent isn’t where it needs to be to help curb the cybercrime epidemic. Until we can rectify the quality of education and training that our new cyber experts receive, we will continue to be outpaced by the Black Hats”

Virtually Testing Foundation – Internship Program which enhances Corporate Experience 

Virtually Testing is a California, USA based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Our foundation is funded by individuals, corporate or government donations. Our mission is to serve a cybersecurity focused community by organizing speaker events, hands-on workshops, conferences, etc. Our members advance their skills or learn from scratch to successfully access the competitive trending and evolving cybersecurity industry

Virtually Testing  offers  internship certificates for school credits, access to our community, work experience, a wide range of skills through professional immersion

Special About Virtually Testing  Internship 

VT internship is an on-the-job learning experience where students, new professionals or career changers learn the essentials of multiple career-fields while working full or part-time. VT Interns generally perform entry-level tasks while taking part in skills development activities as part of the internship experience. Some interns get involved with VT’s long term projects or initiate their own projects. We strive to support you towards the next step in your professional life.

Benefits of Virtually Testing Foundation  Internship Program :

  • Unparalleled, real-world focused learning
  • VTF build professionals out of students
  • Acquire valuable experience in the industry
  • Network with diverse professionals globally
  • Acquire key professional & interpersonal skills

As VTF employees, the candidates experienced the following crucial real-world elements:

  • Professional communication
  • Team leadership
  • Professional attention to detail
  • Time management & deadlines
  • Professional adaptability & accountability
  • Workplace ethics & policies
  • Professional priorities
  • Professional teamwork

An Ideal Intern for Virtually Testing Foundation Is:

  • Looking to learn & work with technologies of the current industry standard
  • Looking to be part of a highly organized & professional workplace environment
  • Looking to work alongside students & professionals of various fields from all around the globe

“Experience is better than any degree or certification.” which Virtually Testing offers.

Author : Peer Tehleel Manzoor – Cyber Security Researcher

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