Daily fights in SMC

Daily fights in SMC

Scenes of violence during the councilors’ session in Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) on Monday were not only appalling, but also dented the image and utility of an institution that claims to be representative of people’s aspirations for basic amenities.

The house of elected corporators’ is a body where the opposition gets an opportunity to challenge or question the ruling side. The Municipality laws provides privileges to corporators to speak fearlessly on issues concerning the public.

But the unrelenting fights and squabbles has rendered this prestigious institution dysfunctional. Almost every day fight scenes between Mayor and deputy Mayor has affected the working of Srinagar Municipal Corporation. Instead of serving the people of the Srinagar living in within the jurisdiction of SMC, the unruly corporators have turned this institution a platform for unnecessary quarrels.

Today’s unfortunate incident wherein deputy mayor suffered injuries after an altercation in a meeting corroborates the argument that this institution has been turned into a fighting arena.

Woes of people in Srinagar have witnessed manifold increase due to lackadaisical attitude of the corporators who are more interested in fights and social media bickering rather that performing their duties.

The need of the hour is that the Governor should take a serious cognizance of the day to day ruckus and scenes of fights in SMC and take a decision warranted under law.

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