Delhi Publisher tenders apology for labeling religious figure inaccurately



SRINAGAR, Apr 27: Amid row over labeling a religious figure inaccurately, the publishing house Acuber Books International tendered apology, saying “the content is deeply offensive to many individuals and communities”.

“We write to you with utmost sincerity and regret regarding the recent controversy surrounding our publication’s portrayal of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. It has come to our attention that labelling him among the ‘most evil men in history’ is not only inaccurate but also deeply offensive to many individuals and communities,” an apology letter issued by the publisher reads.

“We acknowledge the gravity of our mistake and recognize that such mischaracterizations not only undermine truth and justice but also perpetuate harmful stereotypes. We understand the importance of rectifying this error swiftly and unequivocally”.

“On behalf of Acuber Books International, We extend our sincerest apologies to all those who have been affected by this oversight. It was never our intention to spread misinformation or contribute to the propagation of harmful narratives. In response to this issue, we are taking immediate steps to rectify the situation. We are committed to reviewing and revising our content to ensure accuracy, fairness, and sensitivity in our representations. Additionally, we will be issuing a formal correction and apology in our upcoming publications and online platforms,” it said.

“We deeply value the feedback and concerns of our readers and stakeholders, and we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of integrity and respect in all our publications. Once again, we apologize for any distress or offense caused by our error, and we thank you for bringing this matter to our attention,” it added.


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