Despite Article 35A in vogue, IMPA invites non-state subjects to apply for jobs in Jammu and Kashmir 

Despite Article 35A in vogue, IMPA invites non-state subjects to apply for jobs in Jammu and Kashmir 

Srinagar, Dec 4, CNS: Article 35A is existing in Jammu and Kashmir by name. One of the provisions of this article which prohibits outsiders from seeking jobs in Jammu and Kashmir was virtually trampled under by the then Governor Administration in 1992 when recruitment rules were framed in the Institute of Management, Public Administration allowing non-state subjects to seek jobs on permanent basis.

    The Jammu & Kashmir Institute of Management, Public Administration and Rural Development (IMPA) which is an autonomous Society under the aegis of the State Government has invited applications from the posts of Professors, Assistant Professors and Associate Professors on All India basis. The irony is that non-state subjects can now be appointed on permanent basis in IMPA-which is completely funded by Jammu and Kashmir Government. IMPA is an autonomous body that is registered under Society Act. This Institution is funded by Government of Jammu and Kashmir and in no way can appoint non-state subjects that too are permanent basis.

   Reliable sources told news agency CNS that when militancy was at its peak and there was complete chaos in 1992, the then Governor Jagmohan amended the recruitment rules of IMPA and under new recruitment rules, non-state subjects were also allowed to seek jobs in the Institution.

   “These recruitment rules of IMPA allow candidates from other states to seek employment as faculty. Who made these recruitment rules and had they taken Article 35 A into consideration. Don’t you think it violates Article 35A. Is it not the right time to stop and scrap this recruitment policy? When these recruitment rules of IMPA were framed, was the committee competent to allow non State subjects to apply for faculty positions keeping in view the Article 35 A which does not allow this.,” says Journalist Rift Abdullah.

    “Why Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti are silent on such issues, because they have also carried forward such violations. Erosion of 35A and 370 has happened like this over the period of time but it should not be precedence. We must rectify it,” he adds.

   This institute was created for in-service training to the State Government employees as also to undertake research and consultancy in areas of crucial importance to the administration of the State.

   An employee who wished not to be named said that faculty till date was unaware of this fact that IMPA can avail the services of non-state subjects on permanent basis. “Now you will have non- state subjects as faculty and it is a serious issue,” he said.

    Renowned lawyer Sheikh Shakil said that it is the institution owned by State Government and it is the obligation of Government to advertise posts on state basis. “Jammu Kashmir occupies a unique position and you can’t bring faculty or provide jobs to non-state subjects. This is total violation of law,” he added.

   Efforts to contact Director General IMPA on this issue didn’t materialize.

   However, Director Training Mushtaq Ahmed Khan told CNS that IMPA is also funded by National Institute of Rural Development and keeping in view the new recruitment rules, non-state subjects can get jobs. When asked is there any non-state subject who is a faculty member in IMPA at present, “No,” he replied. (CNS)

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