Development of Handbook of Disability and alternative Courses of Studies

Development of Handbook of Disability and alternative Courses of Studies

PSAJK hails BOSE’s initiative, extends its support in empowering Children With Special Needs

Srinagar: Private Schools Association of Jammu and Kashmir (PSAJK) has hailed the Board of School Education’s (BOSE) initiative to develop a handbook of Disability and Alternative Courses of Studies and chalk out a plan to help Children With Special Needs (CWSN).

The Association said that it is welcome step that the Academic Division of J&K BOSE organised a three Day Workshop on Development of Handbook of Disability and alternative Courses of Studies in Classes IX & X with an objective to produce a handbook of disability on CWSN for understanding, sensitisation and information of the stakeholders. The workshop was aimed to review and revise the syllabi and scheme of assessment of alternative subjects in vogue in class X for CWSN i.e Music, painting and Home Science. Furthermore the workshop, which was attended by experts, provided a roadmap for BOSE to identify more alternate subjects which can be offered to such children.

The Association said that the CWSN are a special lot of children that need handholding and extra care than the normal children. “It is the need of the hour to empower these children. They are intelligent and smart children, who can do wonders if quality education curated to their needs is provided to them. Board has taken a much needed step in this regard and PSAJK stands shoulder to shoulder with them in this endeavour,” said G N Var, President PSAJK.

The Association extended its help to Board to help CWSN in their educational needs. “We are ready to help Board with our inputs and expertise in this regard. These are our children and we are ready to walk an extra mile for them,” said Var.

The Association announced that it will select schools in every district that will provide education to children with special needs. “We will select these schools on priority basis so that there is no further delay in fulfilling the academic needs of CWSN,” said Var.

With regards to admissions the Association also said that no private school, which has the required facility, will deny admission to any child with special needs. “We have to empower these children academically and provide opportunities to them.

Everybody recognises the rights of these children but the need of the hour is to fulfil those rights so that world becomes a better place for them too. They will reach their potential once we provide them with opportunities and handholding,” said Var. “The Association will utilise all its resources so that no CWSN is denied admissions or quality education.”

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