Did NC lie during the boycott of ULB polls or is NC lying now?

Did NC lie during the boycott of ULB polls or is NC lying now?

Both NC, PDP owning their proxy candidates in SMC has exposed their lies

Srinagar, May 21 : Peoples Conference Chairman Sajad Gani Lone Monday castigated the twin traditional parties for trivializing the sentiments of the people of Kashmir and their inherent tendency to lie to suit their interests.

Sajad said the moral pretense of NC and PDP, the high stentorian rhetoric of Mr Omar Abdullah and Ms Mehbooba Mufti stands ridiculed today.

“You boycotted the ULB elections and termed it as a ‘sham’ election under the fig leaf of Article 35-A. Just answer one question. How seriously would New Delhi take you given that the theatre both of you enacted prior to the ULB polls. Those assertions of aspirations, those assertions of boycott to safeguard article 35 A- was that all a sham? Were you all along lying? We just pray that Delhi does not take your non seriousness about Art 35 A as a reference point. Your covert participation and now overt acceptance makes mockery of the cause that you were supposedly advocating—God save us all from advocates as murky as you”, he added.

Sajad said that both parties are now drifting towards power at the cost of the cause that they were purportedly advocating.

“This is a section of the Kashmiri leadership which was in headlines all across the country for boycotting the ULB polls—now it transpires that on one hand an avowed boycott and on the other a lust for power. The national leadership today has a good idea about the seriousness of these leaders and their tantalizing lust for power—they today know they would sleep with the devil for the sake of power and would sacrifice and belittle any cause that they advocate”, he added. 

Sajad emphasized that Peoples Conference has a clear and simple majority in the Srinagar Municipal Corporation and will continue to deliver on its promises of delivering change in a city that has been neglected by the twin traditional parties.

“Both the traditional mainstream parties need to see the writing on the wall- that Srinagar is changing and taking strides towards hope and positivity under an overarching goal of self-empowerment and accountability. PC Mayor and Deputy Mayor as well as all our Corporators will continue to play a very positive and enabling role in the SMC and will deliver effective change on the ground and try to transform Srinagar into a world class tourist city”, he added.

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