Disease outbreak kills several animals in Poonch

Disease outbreak kills several animals in Poonch

M S Nazki 

Poonch, Feb 9:  Many animals have died from a disease outbreak in the remote areas of Sawjian, Gagrian, Pralkoot, Chamber, Kanari of Poonch district

The residents of these areas have expressed strong resentment against the animal husbandry department saying no doctor is present in the veterinary.

They said the animals are neither given medicines nor vaccines due to which several cattle died recently.

Now, this has given rise to some diseases which are fast spreading, they said.

The people have urged the Chief Animal Husbandry Officer Poonch to send special veterinary doctors to check the animals and the disease so as to prevent the loss of no further cattle.

District Chief Animal Husbandry Poonch Dr Mohammad Younis Chowdhary said people have brought the issue into his notice and “I have sent a team of officials to take stock of the situation”. (GNS)

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