District Admin Baramulla installs LED screen

District Admin Baramulla installs LED screen

Baramulla, June 22: Happening for the first time in Kashmir Valley, District administration Baramulla today installed an LED screen in Baramulla town with an aim to inform and keep the Awaam of the town updated
regarding various happenings in the districts,Valley and the Nation.

It will also be used to display information regarding current affairs, Agriculture, Horticulture, sports, education, health and other important things which require our attention.

Officials said that the installation of the LED screen has been carried on the lines of smart city, which is the ultimate aim of the civ administration.

Locals have hailed the efforts of the administration and have said that they expect more things on such lines coming up in the district.

Deputy Commissioner, Baramulla, G N Itoo said that the administration is planning to use this medium as a messanger and Awaam is open to share their views on any aspect which they want ti highlight on the screen.

The dissemination of information via electronic display board has more advantages than the traditional means and the feedback of the same has been overwhelming.

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