Early Snow: A Bliss or Blight?

Early Snow: A Bliss or Blight?

Kashmir is well-known for its moderate climate with warm sunny summers and cold murky winters. However, lately this weather cycle has endured some unprecedented changes which is now adversely affecting the diverse flora and fauna of the valley.

A recent advisory by the meteorological department has warned of heavy snowfall in the coming few days which is projected to be much severe in the higher regions and can affect the travel routes drastically.

This has also alarmed the orchard owners of the valley especially from South Kashmir who are still busy in apple-picking.

This snowfall will incur heavy economic losses on the fruit growers who have been already facing the brunt of present economic slowdown.

This forecasted snow will not only destroy the year’s produce but it can potentially devastate the trees which are still laden with leaves and fruit.

This will exponentialize the losses that can holistically affect the lives of orchardists and farmers in the valley.

Besides, the early snow creates much chaos across the valley. Especially, the natives are not ready for such an impending weather condition but for tourists who visit the valley, it is a dream come true.

Roads remain snow clad for days together. Electric supply vanishes as if Kashmir had never been electrified. Water pipes get frozen and while markets face an immense dearth of essential supplies.

The winters in Kashmir have always presented a gloomy view but early snowfall only adds to its tenure.

However, what needs to be seen this time is how the government tackles such a situation. Either there will be a staggering difference or the same old story which only time will decide.

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