Establishing PAGD was a fraud committed by traditional parties: Apni Party

Establishing PAGD was a fraud committed by traditional parties: Apni Party


SRINAGAR, Dec 6: Apni Party, on Wednesday, lashed out at the traditional parties, including the NC and PDP, for their deceptive political narratives, which have the potential to inflict further suffering on the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

Urging these traditional parties to stop fooling the people any further, Apni Party said that “establishing PAGD in the name of protecting Article 370 and 35A was a fraud committed by traditional parties.”

According to a press statement issued here, Apni Party leaders emphasised that the continued emotional sloganeering by these parties has the potential to bring further suffering to the people of Jammu and Kashmir. The issue was raised and discussed during an extraordinary meeting, a press statement said.

“Apni Party’s President, Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari, chaired a crucial party meeting at the party headquarters in Srinagar. The meeting aimed to discuss a range of issues, including the current political scenario in Jammu and Kashmir, preparations for the upcoming parliamentary elections, public concerns, and certain party affairs. Party stalwarts and leaders from across the valley attended the meeting, emphasising its significance in addressing prevailing challenges and outlining the future strategy,” the statement said.

 “The participants of the meeting had a thorough discussion and exchanged thoughts about important matters and outlined a future strategy in order to strengthen the party further and preparedness for the upcoming parliamentary elections” It added.

 “The leaders from all the districts across the valley apprised the leadership about their political and public outreach activities in their respective areas. They also shared their views to contribute to the resolution of certain party matters,” the statement added.

 Addressing the occasion, Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari expressed satisfaction with the performance and endeavours of the leaders and grassroots-level workers. However, he urged the leaders to maintain their active involvement in political activities and public outreach to ensure widespread awareness of the party’s agenda and policies among the people, the statement further said.

He remarked, “Apni Party is getting public support and acceptance among the masses with each passing day. People trust our unambiguous agenda and policies, and they believe that this party has the capability and potential to elevate Jammu and Kashmir to new heights of prosperity and development. It is our responsibility to meet these public expectations. It is our responsibility to meet these public expectations. We all must speed up our political activities and public outreach to foster a strong connection with the grassroots masses, thus ensuring their understanding of the party’s pro-people agenda and policies. Also, this is the appropriate time to gear up for the forthcoming Lok Sabha.”

On this occasion, the participants in the meeting collectively granted unanimous authority to both the party president and the parliamentary board, empowering them to make decisions pertinent to the forthcoming parliamentary elections in the best interest of the party.

 Meanwhile, the senior party leaders, during the meeting talked about the continuous deceptive political narratives by the conventional political parties, especially the NC and PDP. They urged these parties to stop fooling the people of Jammu and Kashmir any further.

According to the statement, the Apni Party leaders, while sharing their views on the issue said, “Traditional political parties, especially the two family-based parties NC and PDP, have always deceived people through their misleading slogans and false promises. They have ruined the lives of the people, especially the youth, over the years. They consistently allure people through emotional sloganeering for their own political gains. History bears witness that these parties have resorted to deceptive slogans like ‘Raishumari,’ ‘Autonomy,’ self-rule, and so on, over the years and decades. Ultimately, people, especially the youth, have fallen prey to these emotional slogans. Such deceptive slogans have led lakhs of youngsters either to jails or to graveyards, especially during the past three decades.”

“Since elections are due, these parties are attempting to fool people in the name of Article 370 and 35A. They try to create an impression that they will reinstate these abrogated articles. In fact, neither do these parties have any authority to reinstate these articles, nor do they have the power to do so. It is up to the Supreme Court to undo the abrogation. However, these traditional parties attempt to gain electoral and other political advantages by deceiving people with their tall claims,” they observed.

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