Everyday in Kashmir is like Ashura says Kashmiri Shia

Everyday in Kashmir is like Ashura says Kashmiri Shia

“Every day has been like Ashura for us. Every area has become Karbala,” says Ehsan* (name changed), a resident of Zadibal in Srinagar, referring to the mass detentions that have taken place in Kashmir.

While the restrictions have made it difficult for people to hold gatherings to mourn the tragedy of Karbala, gatherings do take place, and are heavily weighed down by the grief of the lockdown and detentions. Often, the tragedy of Karbala is compared to the continuing ordeal of the people of Kashmir.

“We have been locked down for over a month now. People have been arrested but we don’t know where they are. People are dying as we can’t get medical aid in time. If this is not zulm (oppression) then what is?” said Javed Hussain*, another resident of Srinagar.

The same pain can be sensed in the Shia residents of Budgam as well.

“People have been detained without reason. When we ask the authorities about it, they shoo us away. This has added to our pain,” said Baqer, a resident of Budgam.

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