Facilitate meeting of family members of prisoners while maintaining Covid-19 protocols

Srinagar, November 5: The prison authorities in Jammu and Kashmir should facilitate the meeting of family members of prisoners languishing in various jails while maintaining proper Covid-19 protocols.
A deputation of relatives of the prisoners, who met me, said that they were desperate to see their kin who are in prison, but since March meetings at prisons have been stopped after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. The prison authorities are allowing meetings via phone and video-calls at the moment.
Keeping in consideration the longing of the families to meet their kin in jails, the prison authorities should review the existing protocols and facilitate their meetings while maintaining proper Covid protocols.
The family members used to take clothes, medicines and other essential items for their kin in jail during such meetings in the past. However, since March as such meetings have stopped, both prisoners and their families are desperate to see each other.

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