Forest Fire in Bandipora: Heat wave, Dryness Main Causes

<strong>Forest Fire in Bandipora: Heat wave, Dryness Main Causes</strong>

44 forest fire incidents reported in last 4 years


BANDIPORA, Mar 25: In recent years, forest fires have become a major cause of concern in the Kashmir Valley. The rise in the number of forest fires has caused severe damage to the flora and fauna of the region.

Bandipora forests have been experiencing a surge in forest fires in recent years. The increase in dryness of the forests and the rising temperature have been identified as the main causes of these fires.

Speaking with the Kashmir Despatch, District Forest Officer (DFO), Mudasir Mehmood, said that the Ministry of Forestry had already issued a notice that there will be an increase in forest fires as compared to last year. Dryness, uneven rainfall and low snowfall reasons.

The details available with Kashmir Despatch read 44 forest fire cases reported from 2019 in Bandipora forests.

He also said that the forests in Bandipora have been particularly vulnerable to fires due to the prolonged dry season that has been occurring in the region. This has led to a significant increase in the amount of dry leaves, branches, and other combustible material that accumulates on the forest floor, providing ample fuel for fires to start and spread quickly.

The forest fires have had a devastating impact on the local ecosystem, destroying large areas of forest and wildlife habitat. In addition, the fires have also posed a serious threat to human settlements in the area, with many villages and towns situated in close proximity to the forests.

The authorities are also working to improve the infrastructure and resources available for firefighting, including the establishment of new fire stations and the acquisition of more modern firefighting equipment.

“During fire season rapid response teams are constituted and a fire control room is established. Also in vulnerable areas Firelines are made also Kurihama Range is being developed as a model fire control range,” he added.

The Ministry of Forestry this year has already issued an advisory for authorities that forest fire cases will increase this year as it is expected that more dryness and heat waves will increase this year as compared to last year.

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