From Sopore to Bollywood: Inspiring Journey of cinematographer Tanveer Mir

From Sopore to Bollywood: Inspiring Journey of cinematographer Tanveer Mir

Sopore, April 25: Indian cinematographer belonging to Janwara village in Sopore, North Kashmir, Tanveer Mir has over the years established a name for himself in the extremely competitive film industry reported ANI.

He has worked in several big movies like Akshay Kumar and Sonam Kapoor’s ‘Pad Man’, much acclaimed south film ‘I’, ‘Psycho’, ‘India Schedule’, ‘Guzaarish’, ‘Yuthamsai’, ‘Shudra’, ‘Ok Kanmani’, and ‘Mr. Zoo Keeper’, ‘Shamitabh’, and ‘Ki & Ka’ among others.

He was recently awarded the prestigious Ananda Vikatan Award for his work in the movie ‘Psycho’.

According to a report, while discussing the cinematography of ‘Psycho’ which has received a great response, Tanveer said in ‘Psycho’, the visuals have a lot of darkness and the lighting is used as a tool to create a natural and captivating impact that evokes emotion. The goal of the cinematographer is to tell a story and remain true to the director’s vision and script. In ‘Psycho’, shadows and silhouettes were crucial elements that could not be deviated from, even if soft lighting would have been easier to use. This is because the film’s thrilling nature required a specific approach to lighting.

Despite not having a background in filmmaking, he pursued his passion for cinematography and enrolled in FTTI Chennai. He has since worked on several critically acclaimed and blockbuster Bollywood movies.

Tanveer, while sharing his experience said that he started his journey in cinematography during his Mass Media graduation at Baramulla boys college, where he studied a subject called “Five Cs of cinematography.” He enjoyed operating cameras and covering various events held at college, and that’s how his interest in cinematography began. He further pursued his passion by enrolling in a cinematography course at FTII Chennai, as per a report.

When asked about his choice of an offbeat and unconventional career, he expressed that he faced a dilemma of what to do and where to go after college. However, he took a leap of faith and chose cinematography, despite his family’s initial confusion about the field. Upon landing at Prasad studios in Chennai, he felt a strong connection with the vibe and atmosphere of the place, and he knew he wanted to pursue this career.

While sharing his experience of working with actor Amitabh Bachchan in ‘Shamitabh’ n, Tanveer said he worked with Amitabh for the first time on the film ‘Shamitabh’, where he was the associate cinematographer. He later worked with him on an ad shoot, where he had to shoot on his own. During the shoot, Tanveer said he faced an issue with the lighting reflecting in Bacchhan’s glasses, but the actor understood the issue and adjusted his glasses accordingly. He spoke highly of Bacchhan’s professionalism and kindness.

Meanwhile, Tanveer’s upcoming projects include Rajkuma Santoshi’s ‘Bad Boy’ which marks the Bollywood debut of legendary actor Mithun Chakraborty’s son Namish Chakraborty and Amrin Qureshi.

The film is all set to hit the theatres on April 28.

As per the report, Tanveer said his journey in the entertainment industry has been good so far. Being on set every day is a challenge, and he compares it to mathematics where every shot is either satisfying or leaves room for improvement. “The joy of seeing a finished product that meets my expectations is what keeps me motivated”, he said. (ANI)

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