Fulfill demands of doctors or face agitation: DAK

Fulfill demands of doctors or face agitation: DAK


Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) has threatened to launch state-wide agitation to press for resolution of its long-pending demands which have not been fulfilled by the government despite repeated assurances from time to time.

Dr Naik President DAK said; “Our patience is running out as the government has not fulfilled even a single demand of ours so far”

“DAK was expecting the governor led the administration to be different and sensitive to the problems of doctors but it has also disappointed us, unfortunately. Our main demands of the restoration of Seniority in the administration have not been taken seriously; people who are influential politically connected and blue-eyed have been entrusted with the job of running administration despite our repeated pleas in this regard,” the spokesman said.Facebook30TwitterGoogle+WhatsAppEmailCopy Link

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