Governance, administration gone from bad to worse in North Kashmir: Mohd Akbar Lone

Governance, administration gone from bad to worse in North Kashmir: Mohd Akbar Lone

Srinagar : The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference Member of Parliament from Baraulla Muhammad Akbar Lone on Tuesday said the governance and administration has gone from bad to worse in North Kashmir Districts, saying the district and divisional is unperturbed by the plight people are going through.

The entire north Kashmir is on the brink of becoming a dysfunctional anarchy, said the Member of Parliament while expressing concern over the state of affairs in Kupwara, Bandipur, and Baramulla. He said that the incumbent government in New Delhi was apparently enduring miss governance and maladministration in Kashmir , and the situation in north Kashmir is no different rather it is much worse on the account of its undulating topography and remoteness.

Far from delivering on the promises of development and progress to Kashmir, the steep decline in governance that coincided with the unilateral abrogation of J&K’s Special status has ever since been aggravating. “There is no semblance of good governance in Kupwara, Baramulla, and Bandipur. The officers at all levels have become authorities unto themselves giving no dam to the woes people in the region are facing. The recent snowfall in the upper reaches of the region has again revealed the unpreparedness of the administration in entire north Kashmir to deal with the winter vagaries. The absence of doctors and medics in hospitals; uncooperative officials, scarcity of water, pesky electricity and dilapidated condition of all major and minor arterials is further making the lives of people no less than hell,” he said.

He said the incumbent government has only kept itself busy with ruining B2V spectacles, doling out anti people laws and notifications and mounting attacks on PAGD by resorting to unwholesome and denigration politics. “In umpteen pronouncements, the GOI had announced many things but the ground reality is different depicting my-way-or-the-highway sort of undemocratic attitude reminiscent of authoritarianism, which he said has also rendered governance and administrative setup dysfunctional and unaccountable. It is the people who are at the receiving end of all this. There is no place where people can go to have their issues redressed; the officials are already enjoying their winter retreats in Jammu. People have literally been left to fend for themselves,” he said.

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