Governor administration sowing seeds of discord, creating new fault lines in JK: PDP

Governor administration sowing seeds of discord, creating new fault lines in JK: PDP

 Srinagar, Dec 19, : Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Wednesday extended full support to the demand of people of Kargil for a full-fledged University in the district and said that the Governor administration by functioning without taking public sentiment into consideration or assessment of requirements is causing tensions and sowing seeds of discord for future in the state.

In a statement issued here, former minister and senior PDP leader Naeem Akhtar said PDP welcomes the decision of creating a new University in Leh but Kargil should not be rendered as a left out entity during the process.  He added that PDP supports the demand of people of  Kargil for a full-fledged university in that district also.

Akhtar further stated that the Governor’s administration is creating new fault lines in the state which is already riven with problems. “It is unfortunate that the Governor administration seems to be believing in its small bureaucratic schemes of burying the main political issues facing the state with these measures. Such measures are ultimately creating a wedge between different regions and different districts of the state,” Akhtar said, adding that the Governor administration is creating problems even in those areas of the state where there are none.

He added that it was during the tenure of the PDP that the highest number of universities in the state were created.  “Five new universities were created in the state with numerous satellite campuses including in Leh and Kargil. It was the government led by the PDP that initiated the representation of the entire region of Ladakh and empowered both districts to Hill Development Councils. First-time cabinet representation during Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s regime to both the districts was accorded so that there is no tension within the region. By virtue of such a measure, both the districts of the region were making impressive strides in development,” Akhtar said.

The PDP leader, however, maintained that the short-sighted decisions being taken by the Governor administration at present by going against the public sentiment or the actual requirements is causing tensions and same can sow seeds of discord for future.

Akhtar added that the decisions pertaining to the overall development of the state including the creation of new universities are best taken by the public representatives who get feedback from the people and who are connected with the problems facing different regions of the state like Ladakh, Chenab, and Pir Panchal.

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